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By: Martinelli, Rusty


April 4                                                             Sandia Speedway
May 2                                                              Sandia Speedway
May 22                                                            El Paso Speedway Park
May 23                                                            Southern NM Speedway
May 30                                                            Sandia Speedway
June 13                                                           Sandia Speedway
July 10               NMMRA/USAC                         El Paso Speedway Park     
July 11               NMMRA/USAC                         Southern NM Speedway
July 18                                                            Sandia Speedway
August 7                                                          El Paso Speedway Park
August 8                                                          Southern NM Speedway
August 15                                                        Sandia Speedway
August 22                                                        Sandia Speedway
September 4                                                    El Paso Speedway Park
September 5                                                    Southern NM Speedway 
September 6                                                    Whitesands Speedway
September12                                                   Sandia Speedway
September 19                                                  Sandia Speedway
October 10     Sprint Car Stampede                   Sandia Speedway

All of the above listed dates ARE NMMRA sanctioned events.
Any questions you may contact me @505-440-0133

Rusty Martinelli
President, NMMRA                                                      

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*Purses and Race Dates Subject to Change
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