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On: Saturday January 17, 2015 06:25:30 PM [13.84 Days ago]
By: Martinelli, Rusty


The 2015 schedule has been set.  Please keep in mind that this is a tenative schedule and is subject to change.

April 4                                                             Sandia Speedway
May 2                                                              Sandia Speedway
May 22                                                            El Paso Speedway Park
May 23                                                            Southern NM Speedway
May 30                                                            Sandia Speedway
June 13                                                           Sandia Speedway
July 10               NMMRA/USAC                         El Paso Speedway Park     
July 11               NMMRA/USAC                         Southern NM Speedway
July 18                                                            Sandia Speedway
August 7                                                          El Paso Speedway Park
August 8                                                          Southern NM Speedway
August 15                                                        Sandia Speedway
August 22                                                        Sandia Speedway
September 4                                                    El Paso Speedway Park
September 5                                                    Southern NM Speedway 
September 6                                                    Whitesands Speedway
September12                                                   Sandia Speedway
September 19                                                  Sandia Speedway
October 10     Sprint Car Stampede                   Sandia Speedway

All of the above listed dates ARE NMMRA sanctioned events.

Again this is a TENATIVE scheduled that is sujected to change.

Any questions you may contact me @505-440-0133

Rusty Martinelli
President, NMMRA                                                      

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